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Colouring Our Zodiac



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On developing Colouring Our Zodiac:

Immediately after I fell victim to a scam, I recognized the need to calm myself to avoid any possibilities of experiencing any anxiety attack. I started doodling and coloring the images while expressing my thoughts in writing. The activity helped me fight mental fatigue especially when I was always occupied with so many issues. Over time, I started enjoying the positive impact it had on my life and got my family to try the activity together with me. 

Since there is a strong interest to discover more about Chinese Zodiac. I created Colouring Our Zodiac to provide you with a simplified version to illustrate each animal with a summary of their characteristics as you associate the Zodiac animals with people you care about.

Additionally, the ability to express your thoughts and creativity on the page across from each zen art inspired image is beneficial because integrating coloring with writing stimulates your mind while it provides you with the cognitive therapy you deserve. 

Adults who have tried the activity felt calm coloring intricate patterns and the writing activity got their minds thinking as they started recollecting important dates and occasions with their loved ones. This also provided a topic of discussion and strengthen their relationships with people they care about.

For the younger ones, an active 5 year old child who didn't have a habit of sitting for more than 5 minutes was able to stay focus on his coloring activity while he used the writing pages to doodle images of his family members. His 12 year old sibling who used to have anger management issues, was able to relax his mind and focus on the activity. I also noticed teens who performed the activity are confident and have become more independent in their thinking and problem solving skills.

The Storyteller
inspired by a true encounter

On producing a book inspired by a true story:

The StoryTeller was inspired by a true account of what and how the use of online and offline platforms have become a "scamming spree" for perpetrators who prey on their unsuspecting victims. 

Social media platforms have become an outlet for us to share and express our thoughts and experiences, while connecting with people we care about. Tragically, it has also become a playground for hackers and scammers to exploit, intrude and take over our lives. 

Writing the book was a catalyst for the victim to finally let go of the tragedies she was faced with. The plot was scripted to highlight how the underground world of dark crimes function and how a woman's hunger for justice and sheer determination managed to unfold and destroy one of the biggest underground organizations which no law enforcement authorities ever want to get involved in.