Though Life's Really All About You 
I love writing, illustrating and transforming stories to visual images as a form of cognitive therapy. 

My first fiction was inspired by a true story - My Own, as I was determined to release all the stress and burden of keeping the trauma to myself. I was once a victim who was preyed on via social media platforms but instead of relenting to my bad luck, or taking pity on myself, which could have led to depression, I decided to conquer all odds as I picked up the pieces on my own. Writing The Storyteller   was the catalyst that allowed me to let go of things as it ultimately taught me to love and respect myself, and to celebrate life all over again.

Next Spring, I am launching my own channel, OohSA, where I will share many topics we hold close to our hearts that are meant to benefit you in your everyday life. Ironically I'd always wanted to produce invaluable topics for everyone to benefit from but was sidetracked a little by a bad experience that ended up incredibly rewarding. 

Sometimes, a twist in life's events can actually turn out unexpectedly well. Instead of giving up, I chose to use the lowest point of my live to establish a solid foundation on which I conquered all to rebuild my life. After all, Success Is Always My Best Revenge.

It's always a pleasure to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to send me an email to connect.